Thursday, June 06, 2019

Climate Change: Chile going carbon neutral

New Zealand is currently in the process of enacting legislation to set us on a pathway to carbon neutrality (except for cows) by 2050. Meanwhile, Chile - not a country we think of as being especially rich - is going the whole way:

Chile vowed to go carbon neutral by 2050 on Tuesday, in a plan hailed by experts as one of the most ambitious yet for a coal-dependent economy.

The host of the next UN climate talks in December president Sebastian PiƱera pledged to close eight of the country’s 28 coal-fired plants by 2024.

The move would slash the share of coal within the electricity grid from 40% to 20% in five years, with a view to phasing out the fuel completely by 2040.

Chilean farmers are going to be carbon neutral. So why shouldn't New Zealand ones be the same? What makes them deserving of special treatment, either with respect to other New Zealanders, or the rest of the world? The answer is "nothing": their special target is just a subsidy to a privileged parasitical minority who have lived off us for far too long already.