Friday, June 21, 2019

Climate Change: A citizen's assembly in the UK

One of the central demands of the Extinction Rebellion campaign has been for climate change to be taken out of the hand of corrupt establishment politicians and put in the hands of the people via a citizen's assembly. Now, it looks like the UK government will give them what they asked for. But as usual, there's a catch:

A citizens’ assembly on the climate emergency will take place this autumn to explore the fastest and fairest ways to end the UK’s carbon emissions.

Six House of Commons select committees announced the assembly on Thursday. It is the second of the three demands made by the Extinction Rebellion protest group to be addressed.

However, the group have criticised the initiative as it wants the assembly’s decisions to be binding, not advisory.

Because the last thing the corrupt polluter establishment wants to do is yield any sort of real power. So instead, they'll run this as a PR exercise, pretend they've listened, then ignore or water down the proposals to suit the interests of their corporate backers. Which means that the rebellion will simply have to continue...