Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Which emissions does National want to cut?

The Stuff story on the renewable energy target quotes National climate change spokesperson Todd Muller as opposing cuts to electricity sector emissions:

National's climate change spokesman Todd Muller said the report exposed the "economic lunacy" of being fixated on greenhouse emissions from electricity generation, which formed only a small part of New Zealand's overall emissions.

Meanwhile, he's also on the record as opposing agricultural emissions targets:
National will not support the Zero Carbon Bill passing into law if "ridiculous" methane targets are not wound back, the party's climate change spokesman Todd Muller says.

"I totally reject the view that when there is no ability to mitigate (methane emissions), you just push on regardless," he told the Federated Farmers Taranaki annual general meeting in Stratford on May 24.

Which invites the question: what emissions does National want to cut, and how to they expect to meet a remotely plausible emissions reductions goal when ruling out ~60% of our total emissions? Or is this just the latest version of their entrenched climate change denial: pretend to accept the problem exists, while opposing any meaningful action to prevent it?