Tuesday, April 05, 2022

Climate Change: More carbon neutral government

The government has introduced a whole-of-government direction to Crown Agents (agencies like ACC, Kāinga Ora, and Waka Kotahi) bringing them under the Carbon Neutral Government Programme. From December next year they'll be required to report on their emissions, set gross emissions reduction targets consistent with a 1.5 C pathway, and implement plans to reach them. Unlike central government agencies, there's no requirement to offset remaining emissions (hence why it is a gross target). But the requirement to include material scope 3 emissions will mean that Waka Kotahi will have to report on their emissions from roadbuilding.

Which sounds weak, but its a start, and the first step to reducing emissions is knowing how much you emit. It also obviously allows those targets to be tightened in future, and for offsetting requirements to be introduced. These will almost certainly be required to meet the net-zero 2050 target, so the quicker the state sector (and the rest of us) get used to it, the better.