Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Two elections

There were two elections over the weekend. In France, neo-liberal Emmanuel Macron managed to defeat neo-fascist Marine Le Pen, which should be a relief to everyone (especially given what a le Pen victory would have meant for Ukraine). But its hardly a particularly inspiring choice, effectively just a question of which flavour of racist you prefer, and the fact it was the second such contest raises questions about how long people will be willing to keep voting for the lesser of two evils rather than just stay at home. France's multi-round system is to blame here, and replacing it with a simple one-round preferential vote seems like it would help voters avoid disgust-fatigue.

But it was a happier story in Solvenia, where incumbent prime Minister Janez Janša, who was explicitly modelling himself on Trump and Orbán seems to have lost to green-liberal Robert Golob. Golob's Freedom Movement wants to close coal mines and other major polluters and protect social services, which sounds pretty good. Slovenia's Social Democrats have already announced they will support Golob as Prime Minister, so it looks like they're going to get a green-centre-left government.