Wednesday, April 13, 2022

This isn't normal

There were 9,495 new covid cases today, and another 15 deaths. So naturally, the government is lowering the alert level to Orange (which is basicly the old Green).

The idea here is to return to "normal" to keep business happy. But 9,400 cases and 15 deaths a day isn't "normal". In fact, its exactly the sort of not normal we locked down last year to avoid. Its a slow-motion disaster which threatens the health and safety of everybody in Aotearoa. And our government is now just letting it happen, and throwing us under the bus so their business cronies can make money (which is probably why their polling has fallen off a cliff...)

Well, fuck that. If the government wants me to behave normally, they can actually make things normal. Which means no covid, no covid deaths, and not feeling like I'm gambling with my life and health every time I get within 2 metres of another human being. And if they're not going to do that, I'm going to stay home, not spend money, and fuck what that does to their precious "economy".