Monday, March 31, 2003

And finally...

I hate personality tests.

Specifically, I hate employers who insist on screening prospective employees with them. It's both demeaning, an affront to people's dignity, and pointless, because it simply finds out who is the best at second-guessing what the employer wants.

Nickel and Dimed talks about tests which ask "how much stuff did you steal from your previous employer" and "do you take drugs at work". These are simply an insult to people's intelligence, and I'm surprised managers don't see that only an idiot would be caught by them. OTOH, managers seem to be idiots, so maybe that's why they don't.

One of the tests I've seen recently classifies people into four animal types: dove, owl, eagle and peacock. "Eagle" is the manager-type (naturally; they get the best animal). The summary says that the best occupation for an eagle is "top executive, military leader", and that their preferred car is an M-4 Sherman - which is kindof revealing about how managers see themselves. The best bit however is that owls are "overreliant on data" - I guess only managers and HR pukes would think that actually looking at the world is a weakness.

And to get back to the war - I guess that explains why the Americans are in so much trouble at the moment...


im looking for the name of that personality test (dolphin, owl, peacock and leopard *in your case, eagle*)
whats the name of that personality test and do you have a soft copy of that?
or where i could get one?

Posted by Anonymous : 6/12/2007 06:13:00 PM