Thursday, March 20, 2003

Blogging from Baghdad

If you want some news from someone purportedly in Baghdad, try Where is Raed? . Their version of this afternoon:

there is still nothing happening im baghdad we can only hear distant expolsions and there still is no all clear siren. someone in the BBC said that the state radio has been overtaken by US broadcast, that didn't happen the 3 state broadcasters still operate.
:: salam 6:40 AM [+] ::

air raid sirens in baghdad but the only sounds you can here are the anti-aircraft machine guns. will go now.
:: salam 5:46 AM [+] ::

I have no idea how long their net connection will last, or whether they're real at all (rather than a propaganda site). Remember, this is the Net of a Million Lies; take everything with a pinch of salt.