Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Bush's speech

Pretty much what was expected - call Saddam an evil dictator who "hates America", call the UN a bunch of spineless wimps, assert America's sovereignty, and give Saddam and co 48 hours to leave Iraq or they'll level the place. Interesting bits:

  • He warned Iraqi troops "do not destroy oil wells". I'm sure this will really help convince the Arab world that this isn't just a naked resource grab.
  • He said that Saddam or al-Qaeda might respond to an American attack with terrorist action - and that this is why they have to attack him. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Note the "might" there, BTW - I've seen nothing from the Iraqis suggesting any such plan, and the possibility seems to exist solely in Bush's head. That Terry Jones article about killing his neighbours seems appropriate again...

The American public is now expected to do their herd thing and Unite Behind the President...