Monday, March 24, 2003

Nothing can stop them

I heard some optimistic journalist on One News earlier opining that if Iraqi resistance was tougher than expected and the US suffered some setbacks, the international community might be able to force a ceasefire. How exactly? The US is conducting this war in the teeth of international opposition (which has, if anything, strengthened since the first bombs were dropped). They've already shown their utter contempt for the UN, and noone is going to be able to blackmail them economically like they did to Britain during the Suez crisis. Absent nuclear brinkmanship, there seems to be no way to force the US to back off - and the frothing of warbloggers, I don't think anybody is crazy enough (or cares about Iraq enough) to pull a stunt like that.

Besides, a US loss now would be even worse for the world. This is all about overcoming the humiliation of 9/11, about America proving that it's still the biggest bully around. If by some miracle they were forced to stop, they'd just set out to prove it again.

And on the flip side, a quick US victory may embolden them and encourage the US to start knocking over everyone else it hates. North Korea, Iran, Cuba, France... we just can't win either way.