Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Bush wants to shut down London

Bush's upcoming visit to the UK is already causing problems, with serious disagreements with Scotland yard over security:

American officials want a virtual three-day shutdown of central London in a bid to foil disruption of the visit by anti-war protestors. They are demanding that police ban all marches and seal off the city centre.

And all to avoid the risk that American TV cameras might see (or worse, show) how much Bush is hated outside of America. Fortunately the British are refusing to bow to American demands, and are standing up for freedom of speech and the right to protest (you know, those things the United States is suposed to stand for?). I'm not sure what will happen if the Americans don't get their way - maybe they'll cancel. Or maybe Bush will just avoid appearing in public at all...

(And OTOH, the vision of Bush being driven through eerily quiet streets which have been cleared of people to ensure that noone dares insult the hegemon is somehow... fitting)