Wednesday, November 26, 2003

He really is an authoritarian

NZPundit has a lot of handwringing about families and children being murdered by their parents. But his "solution" - effectively stopping people from getting divorced - is a complete non-sequiter. I don't see how this benefits anyone, apart from maybe sad loser men who need to use legal and financial coercion to keep their relationships "intact".

(Likewise his "starve the poor" policies - and he has the gall to call himself a human being?)

I'm surprised that someone who is so anti State-intervention in the economic sphere can be so supportive of the State dictating personal relationships. This is an area which is central to people's life-plans - certainly on a par with religion, if not even more important - and therefore one that the State should steer clear of. It has no more right to dictate family arrangements than it has to interfere with what goes on in people's bedrooms. If people want to live or raise children alone, with a partner, or as part of a larger unit, then it is no concern of the State.

Yes, the State has a compelling interest in protecting the lives and welfare of children, but all it can rightfully demand of its citizens is that they fulfil their duty as parents. How they fulfil that duty - or who they fulfil it with - should be entirely up to them.