Friday, November 07, 2003

Kim Hill vs the Ambassador

Amusing show last night when Kim Hill interviewed US Ambassador Charles Swindells. She gave him a damn good bollocking - at one stage I thought she was deliberately trying to goad him into walking out - but somehow it didn't seem like it was enough. She didn't really press things home hard enough, didn't ask him where he got off on lecturing a democratic nation on our overwhelmingly popular anti-nuclear policy (or whether that was interfering in our internal politics), and she didn't question him about the Bruce Hubbard email at all.

Highlights: Swindells' floundering when asked "where are the WMD", trying desperately to spin the NBR poll about NZer's attitudes to America, and saying that the Senate's passing of the $87 billion package for Iraq showed the depth of their support for the president. Yeah, that's why they passed it on a voice vote...