Thursday, November 13, 2003

I feel another graph coming on

Several people have been advocating for this survey as an alternative to political compass. Rather than using preassigned axes, the survey designer has looked for statistical clustering of viewpoints in the questionspace, and used the two strongest ones. These represent (roughly) a traditional Left / Right axis about authoritarianism, nationalism and economics and an axis whose meaning is a lot less clear, but some of which is about traditional social liberalism.

(This is I think a better methodology than political compass, but it's also a lot harder to say what it means... the use of check questions as well makes the results clearer and more consistent)

I feel another graph coming on. As before, just email your results to me (being careful to unmunge the address), and I'll stick it up when I've got enough data.

(And yes, Tim Lambert is already on the case, but I'm interested in a subgraph for New Zealand).