Sunday, October 10, 2004

Good news and bad

Good news and bad on the election front. Aucklanders got rid of John Banks. Australians decided to keep John Howard. Christchurch confirmed its reputation as a city of racists, with 1654 people voting for a nazi wannabe. And in Afghanistan the elections went off peacefully, but 15 of 18 presidential candidates joined a boycott after widespread allegations of fraud.

In my own neck of the woods, results seem to be few and far between. Red heather is mayor, Matthew Hodgetts missed out on the regional council, and other than that I have no idea. Unfortunately the Palmerston North City Council doesn't seem to think the internet exists on weekends.

Oh, and Aaron Bhatnagar was de-elected from the Hobson community board.

Update: Palmerston North election results are up, and unfortunately it looks like seven of eight shitlisted candidates have been re-elected. Bugger.