Sunday, October 31, 2004


People complain about the arrival of Halloween and trick or treating in New Zealand, but I don't mind a bit. In fact, it's the only holiday I greet with utter glee. Probably this is because in spite of its roots in Roman and druidic custom, it is effectively an entirely secular celebration of a human universal: fear. The fact that fundamentalists hate it is simply another reason to celebrate. And so rather than being burdened by history, culture, or religion, we can settle down and have some fun and a good laugh at all the things that haunt our imaginations and terrify us (or, alternatively, a good scare, just to remind us what its like).

I have spent the afternoon carving a pumpkin; after dark I will light it, and hand out chocolate to anyone who comes to the door.


I have a conflicted feeling about Halloween. I don't mind the idea, and I get it as a fun concept. I even grok the happy traditions.

But it so gnaws at me that people indugle simply because it's being marketed to them and they see it on U.S exported entertainment that I can't relax and enjoy it.

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