Thursday, October 14, 2004

Zaoui event at Parliament next Wednesday

Amnesty International, Matt Robson and Keith Locke are hosting a Wellington launch at Parliament next Wednesday (October 20th) for Selwyn Manning's book about the Zaoui case, I almost forgot about the moon. The thing kicks off at 17:45, and speakers will include Selwyn Manning (author), Ced Simpson of Amnesty International, Ross Wilson from the CTU, and Deborah Manning (one of Zaoui's lawyers). Due to Parliamentary security, you'll need an RSVP with your name on it - email or to get one.

It's also good to see the unions coming out in support of Zaoui - the CTU has called for the government to accept the Court of Appeal judgement and assess Zaoui's security risk certificate by the rules the court has laid down, while the Association of University Staff has called for his release. And if you're at Vic, please go to the SGM tomorrow to award Zaoui life membership of VUWSA.