Monday, May 23, 2005

Another critic to be silenced?

Last month, the US had the UN Independent Expert on Human Rights for Afghanistan sacked after he criticised the behaviour of US forces. Now the UN special representative in Afghanistan, Jean Arnault, has joined the row over the torture and murder of Afghan prisoners by US forces at Bagram airbase, and called for US facilities in Afghanistan to be opened to international inspections.

I guess they'll have to sack him too...


From the tone of your post you make it sound like the US military did little to punish those responsible for the murders and indeed there is a conspiracy to get rid of its critics, yet many soldiers have been arrested and charged.

What exactly is it you want, some sort of ability to predict crime and imprison people before they do it?

Given the ridiculously high numbers of scandals (all gone unpunished so far) afflicting the UN, do you not think that organisations credibility is so low that any review of human rights by it is pointless, and is in fact hypocritical given the representation of countries with appalling human rights records in the Commssion on Human Rights?

I have much more faith in the US military than in the organisation which allows its employees and troops to abuse little children and kids - and get away with it. Not to mention Kofi and Kojo's personal involvement in the oil-for-food scandal.

Posted by Antarctic Lemur : 5/23/2005 03:08:00 AM