Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Corrections and assaults

Another one from the "shouldn't they have been doing this anyway" file: according to the review of prison complaints processes I discussed last night, the Department of Corrections has only just started referring all complaints of assaults by Corrections staff on prisoners to the police.

I'm just staggered by this. If Corrections had been doing this all along (rather than behaving like a uniformed gang with keys and truncheons), then there would be no need for payouts for abuse.


Call me cynical but how far do you think an investigation by the police into an assault by a corrections officer on a prisoner is going to go?

Posted by Anonymous : 5/11/2005 06:22:00 PM

I can assure you an enquiry from a crim will go far. There will be a queue of 'caring' lawyers, churchies, prison inspectors, ombudsmen and god knows who else scrabbling to jump on that band wagon.

However when it is a staff member who is assaulted, abused, threatened, bullied etc .... there will be no enquiry, no-one will be interested. Crims are just so much more sexy than decent people who are stupid and naive enough to challenge the ignorant pig 'culture' of alcohol, drug, abuse, misogyny and pornography that thrives and prospers in NZ prisons, amongst staff and managers that is – some of the crims are actually quite civilised.

Just ask champagne Charlie (your soon to be AG) how much fun he had and how much money he made out of protecting the abusers and destroying their victims. He had the perfect job for a business psychopath have fun watching truthful people disintegrate and get well paid for it – one of the ‘men’ he defended even bragged about wanting to kill a fag but he still defended and protected him.

The story is always the same for the whistle blower, they think they are being decent and courageous but, in fact, they are just being stupid and pay the price that stupid people pay.

The truth only ever wins in the movies and NZ is no movie.

Posted by Anonymous : 7/18/2006 12:40:00 AM