Saturday, May 28, 2005

Anyone but Brash?

Normally I don't comment on polls, leaving it to the party hack blogs to crow or mutter about respectively. But there is one interesting thing in the Herald's latest one:

Asked about Mr Peters leading a coalition with National, 45.7 per cent of poll respondents believed it would be better than Dr Brash leading it; 38.8 per cent thought it would be worse; and 15.5 per cent didn't know or refused to answer.

Support for the idea was obviously lower among National supporters, but still, what does it say about their leader when people would prefer Winston Peters over him? And what does it say about the popularity of the sorts of policies he would pursue?


As you can see from the the political graph Brash is "somewhat to the right of Atilla the Hun" in his personal beliefs.

I think we all get the impression that when he says nationals policies he is rather watering down his own beliefs (because he knows they would poll lower than ACT) and that with him at the helm you might get rather more than you thought you were getting.

Posted by Genius : 5/28/2005 11:10:00 AM

interesting to note how lowly English is placed on the Nat List...

Posted by Span : 5/29/2005 03:27:00 PM