Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Belarus: As expected II

The OSCE has condemned the Belarusian elections [PDF], citing a widespread climate of intimidation and harassment, significant restrictions on campaigning by the opposition, pressure and threats to force people to vote for the incumbent, serious polling irregularities, and a counting process which was not transparent and frequently directed by officials of the ruling party. Their summary:

It is clear that this election did not meet OSCE commitments and international electoral standards. The arbitrary abuse of state power, obviously designed to protect the incumbent President, went far beyond acceptable practice. The incumbent President permitted State authority to be used in a manner which did not allow citizens to freely and fairly express their will at the ballot box.

Both the EU and US have condemned the poll and called for new elections. Meanwhile, Russian observers have said it was "free, open and transparent". Which really makes you wonder whether they actually know what a free and fair election is supposed to look like...


I wouldn't trust the Russians on anything - they out to protect thier interests and still haven't grasped the idea of true democracy and free rights.

The USSR failed bacause it was bankrupt not them same as seeing themseveles as morally bankrupt.

Posted by Anonymous : 3/22/2006 11:56:00 AM