Sunday, March 19, 2006

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The farcical end of the American dream


Nice to see Idiot that you are so concern about the victim of the crime and how the victim family must feel.

But then you blow it all by you later post about:

Parole (Truth in Sentencing) Amendment Bill (Heather Roy): this bill would for all practical purposes abolish parole, limiting it to the final 60 days of a criminal sentence. It would also effectively double sentences for minor crimes by abolishing early release. This would no doubt please the "hang 'em high" brigade, but it is simply vicious, pointless sadism - not to mention a mistake. Unless we adopt a penalty of life imprisonment for every crime, almost every prisoner will eventually be released sometime. It makes sense then to have a reasonable period of supervised release, where prisoners can both be reintegrated into society and are subject to the threat of recall if they become involved in even minor criminal activity. Roy's bill would fundamentally undermine this, and by doing so destroy an essential means of influencing prisoner behaviour upon release. And of course it would require us to build more prisons. Don't we have enough of them already?

You are either in the high em high brigrade or you not.

Did the criminal intend to kill the victim? - probably not.

Did the victim that had an undiagionsed medical condition that the criminal not be aware of? - possibly.

Has military service caused the criminal to act in a way that he would not normally act (Post -traumatic stress disorder)? - could be.

There could be plently of reasons why a light sentence was handed out - it happens all the time in this country.

Stop fence sitting - the uncomfortable feeling is the pole disappearing up your backside.

Me I'm in the hang em high brigrade - if you commit murder then you go to jail and you don't come out.

Posted by Anonymous : 3/20/2006 12:20:00 PM

There's no inconsistency. Murderers such as Mr Welshofer deserve a lot more than 60 days confinement to barracks, but they do no deserve to have the possibility of parole removed.

Posted by Commie Mutant Traitor : 3/21/2006 11:50:00 AM

Just consider confinement to barracks as an 'open prison'.

People who murder other people should go to jail and stay there.

Posted by Anonymous : 3/22/2006 03:29:00 PM