Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Today's special ballot has been held, and Dr Jackie Blue's Human Tissue (Organ Donation) Amendment Bill has been drawn. I've discussed the bill here, and its one I generally approve of and would very much like to see passed.

For those wondering, today's ballot had 31 bills in it: 6 from the Greens, 2 from United Future, 4 from New Zealand First, 2 from ACT, 2 from Labour and 15 from National. While the latter seems large, it is only a third of the bills they could be putting up. Meanwhile, Labour is scandalously underusing their potential to legislate, and while they can pursue change through government bills, they really shouldn't be wasting their opportunities. As for the Maori Party, they're nowhere to be seen...

Of the 31 bills, only four had not been discussed in an In the ballot post:

  • Health and Safety in Employment (Limitation of Duties in Relation to Farm Land) Amendment Bill (Shane Ardern)
  • Conservation (Net Conservation Gain) Amendment Bill (Chris Auchinvole)
  • Local Electoral (Repeal of Race-Based Representation) Amendment Bill (Tony Ryall)
  • Land Transport Management (Public Private partnerships) Amendment Bill (Judy Turner, fronting for Gordon Copeland)

I actually have a copy of the last one, and am waiting for enough other bills to make a post. As for the first three, I've made repeated requests and haven't got anywhere yet. Still, 85% coverage isn't bad for a small project like this, and hopefully it'll grow as further ballots are held.