Monday, April 24, 2006

Dunne slams democracy

True to form, former Rogernome Peter Dunne has slammed the EPMU's "bully-boy tactics", declaring

This is not France where industrial legislation is decided by street rioting

Indeed it isn't - but then, that isn't what the EPMU have proposed. What they are planning are protest marches and demonstrations - and that is not "bully boy tactics", but democracy in action.


I find the reactions of the corporate management class and their political mouthpieces when confronted by organised opposition fascinating. I think these sorts of outraged outbursts are symptomatic of a group that has had it all its own way for to long. What really outrages them is the implied decentralisation of power away from their cosy politico/business elite. After all, one of the aims of the new right Bolshevism was the centralising of power and advise to a few easily controlled points immune from popular democractic revolt. Dealing with grumpy Maori is bad enough for these people; Having to deal with uppity workers as well is just beyond the pale.

Posted by Sanctuary : 4/24/2006 03:52:00 PM