Thursday, April 06, 2006

Eroding oversight

Nine To Noon had a good discussion [audio] on the proposed changes to the Immigration Act this morning, with Aussie Malcolm, a former Immigration Minister, Peter Cotton, director of RMS Refugee Settlement, and Deborah Manning, Ahmed Zaoui's lawyer. While all agreed on the need to review the Act, they were generally highly critical of the proposed changes, and particularly at the way independent oversight of immigration decisions would be eroded. Aussie Malcolm summed up the changes as being driven by

elements in the government community who are essentially control freaks who want to run everything secretly and not be challenged in their decision making.

This was echoed by Manning, who summarised the document as "a wish list of the officials". All particpants stressed the need for the public to comment on the review to oppose this institutional power-grab, and I certainly will be. Submissions can be made online, and we have until June 14th.