Saturday, April 29, 2006

More justice for Abu Ghraib

The US Army has charged another person over the torture at Abu Ghraib. Lieutenant Colonel Steven Jordan, the commanding officer of Abu Ghraib's interrogators, is charged with cruelty, maltreatment, and dereliction of duty for subjecting prisoners to "forced nudity and intimidation by military working dogs". He also faces various charges for attempting to interfere with subsequent investigations and cover up evidence of wrong-doing by himself and his subordinates. If this goes to trial, he will become the highest-ranking officer court-martialed over torture - but at the same time we shouldn't celebrate prematurely. The US Army has a poor record when it comes to holding their own to account, and I think its highly likely that this trend will continue. We may very well see Jordan convicted, and then "punished" with a nominal fine for allowing acts like this and this to occur under his command.

Still, its good that he has at least been charged. Now, if only the US Department of Justice would do the same for Mark Swanner and Daniel Johnson...