Friday, April 28, 2006

New Fisk

United States of Israel?


Mearsheimer and Walt are not anti-semitic but there are major flaws (from a liberal perspective) in their neorealist approach which are well summerised here -

Another criticism which might appeal too you Idiot is that countries may feel morally obliged to act other than in their own interstests but in the inertests of others.

Odd that Fisk doesn't deal at all with the liberal criticism of Mearsheimer and Walt, prefering instead such inuendos such as "But something surely has to give."

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I don't think Fisk was analysing the efficacy of the report but was rather trying to stimulate debate.

Since it was published I've been watching the reaction and have been extremely surprised that no major NZ blog of any persuasion has picked it up.

The wingnut bloggers make me laugh with their denials, anyone with a 3-figure IQ can see Israeli influence a mile away. As Fisk says, it's so obvious that everyone in the world recognises it as true except in America. The tenor of the debate however can be summarised by the following comment:
The Times also said that the Walt-Mearsheimer paper is not truly being considered, but "swept aside by a wave of condemnation."

All of which of course proves the point they're making. Unless you're a wingnut blogger where apparently black is white and up is down.

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