Friday, May 18, 2007

Fiji: Blocking out democracy

Fiji's international telecommunications gateway FINTEL has confirmed that it is advising the government on how to block access to pro-democracy blogs. Their first effort on Monday apparently blocked Google, and was ended after five minutes after complaints from ISPs that the internet was unusable. Now they seem to be working on more sophisticated blocking. The regime has however succeeded in having Google temporarily take down and gut the Resist Frank's Coup blog - but it has simply moved to typepad. Meanwhile there is now a blog dedicated to outing the soldiers responsible for the two murders conducted so far by the military. Here's hoping that one doesn't need any more posts...

A group of New Zealand bloggers are getting together to offer guest posting and hosting to Fiji's Freedom bloggers in an effort to evade any blocks. In the meantime Fijians wanting to exercise their freedom to read whatever they want are advised to download the Torpark secure browser.