Thursday, May 10, 2007

Something to go to in Auckland

Last month, New Zealand quietly restored defence ties with Indonesia. It's a repulsive decision in light of Indonesia's continued failure to hold its military to account for human rights abuses and genocide in Timor-Leste, but for some reason the government has decided to do it anyway. The first Indonesian Army officer is about to show up for training, and so the Indonesia Human Rights Committee have decided to give him a welcoming committee:

When: Friday, 11 May, 12 noon
Where: NZ Army Auckland Regional Support Centre 204-234 Great North Rd


So far there have not been any protests outside the Indonesian Embassy, which is up the road from my house.

If anyone does organise one, then I will get out a deck chair and watch it - they are always a good laugh.

Posted by Anonymous : 5/10/2007 05:39:00 PM