Friday, September 07, 2007

APEC madness

In ancient China, peasants were told to avert their eyes when the Emperor passed, as they were not noble enough to look upon him. It seems that the past has been revived for APEC, with office workers being told not to look out of windows at the constantly circling helicopters, lest their interest be considered a "security threat". Oh, and cafes have been told to remove cutlery from outdoor tables "because they can be used as a potential weapon by terrorists".

None of this, however, stopped an Australian comedian disguised as Osama bin Laden from entering the APEC security zone in a fake motorcade. He was eventually arrested when he got of of his hired limo outside Bush's hotel. Australian police think its "not funny". Everyone else is pissing themselves at the perfect send-up of totalitarian authority.

The same comedian has also investigated how much people will tolerate in the name of APEC security. To add extra hilarity, he did this in Melbourne:

(Hat tip: Scoop)