Friday, September 21, 2007

Climate change: Denialism still alive and well in National

Climate change denialism is alive and well in National. The day after the party endorsed the government's new emissions trading scheme, National MP Richard Worth has put out a press release complaining that we are being "drawn into the mire of the Kyoto Protocol" and spouting the usual Denialist claims - that "the world has not warmed since 1998" (wrong), that its all the fault of the sun and cosmic rays (wrong and wrong), and that everything's OK as the arctic had less ice in the 1930's and in the Medieval Warm Period (wrong). Unfortunately, these views are not uncommon in National's ranks - The Standard has a nice little series documenting the Denialist blurts of senior National MPs. And we're meant to believe that these people will continue to implement strong policy or move to bring agricultural emissions under control if elected?