Thursday, September 13, 2007

Zaoui "no longer a risk"

After almost five years and a change of director, the SIS has finally admitted that Ahmed Zaoui is not a threat and withdrawn their Security Risk Certificate. Zaoui is thus free to go about his businessUnfortunately, they're still trying to maintain that he was one when he arrived back in 2002 - an allegation conclusively disproven by the RSAA. I guess being a spy means never having to admit you're wrong.

It's fantastic news, but tempered by the fact that the new Immigration Bill currently working its way through Parliament massively widens the use of classified information and secret evidence, meaning we will almost certainly see this injustice repeated in future. If we want to stop that from happening, we need to amend the bill. But hopefully the SIS's admission will allow the politicians some room to do that.