Friday, May 09, 2008

Bob hands in his Burqa

So, Burqa Bob Clarkson will step down at the election. My initial reaction was "good riddance", but there's also some regret. Yes, Clarkson was a waste of space - he didn't really want to be an MP, he never turned up to the House, and when he did, he never said anything (he famously said all of 19 words over a three month period last year, all of which were abuse; I'm sure someone will do a finally tally of his sum contribution to New Zealand politics when he leaves). And he was an outright bigot, with frequent foot-in-mouth incidents against Muslims, gays, and anyone else who wasn't a dead white male like him. But the man was comedy gold. I mean, how many other MPs destroy their reputations even before election by groping their crotch and talking about their testicles?

That said, I'm pleased he's going. And now maybe Tauranga can get a serious MP. OTOH, maybe they'll just re-elect Winston instead...