Thursday, May 15, 2008

Drinking Liberally in Wellington

Drinking Liberally is a US political movement aiming to connect people on the left, from unionists to greens, anarchists to Democrats over a few glasses of their beverage of choice. The aim is to provided a social space for lefties to get together, swap ideas, vent their collective spleens and argue about politics. And now it's coming to New Zealand - and specifically, to Wellington.

When: Wednesday 21 May; after that, the first and third Thursday of every month
Where: Southern Cross Tavern, Abel Smith St
How much: Obviously, you will need to buy something to drink. Or get someone to buy it for you.
Contact:, or join the mailing list.

It kicks off next Wednesday; the first speaker will be the Greens' Nandor Tanczos. Be there, or be thirsty.