Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Climate change: more bad news

While the New Zealand government dithers over the ETS, climate change marches relentlessly onwards. Carbon Dioxide concentrations reached a record of 387 parts per million last year - the highest they have been for 650,000 years. Worse, the rate of growth is increasing, possibly signalling reduced ability by natural mechanisms to absorb the pollution we are putting out (since such absorption generally depends on temperature). So, its getting worse, and getting worse faster.

New Zealand's emissions are small on a global scale, and capping them will not make much difference while the Americans continue to drive around in gas-guzzling SUVs. But it will mean that we are no longer part of the problem, and it may make it easier to convince others to return to sanity. Unfortunately, it seems our local greedy would rather continue to make money by destroying the planet and undermining the quality of life of their children and grandchildren.