Friday, August 01, 2008

Key admits it: National has a secret agenda

Stuff is carrying an NZPA piece on National's policy secrecy, in which John Key rules out releasing anything more than the brief bullet-point lists of talking points we have seen so far. Details? I guess they're just too confusing - not to mention too much of a commitment. Just stick to the marketing. But while Key denies having any secret agenda, he then goes on to say this:

But Mr Key said National's spending plans were finalised and "the numbers stack up perfectly".

The bulk of health and education policy would also be released during the campaign, he said.

"The bulk". Not all, just most. So National is not going to tell us all of what it plans to do, even during the election campaign.

No doubt Key will claim he "misspoke". Then he'll threaten some journalists and refuse to answer questions, just like he did last time. But the fact remains: he's just admitted National has a secret agenda for health and education. And I for one would like to know what it is before I vote, so our democracy can make an informed choice.