Monday, May 04, 2009

Who are National's purchase advisors?

The Dominion-Post on Friday unmasked National's "purchase advisors" - their private bureaucracy within a bureaucracy hired on the decree of Ministers in a hypocritical politicisation of the public service. But while it highlighted their past public service careers - two former Treasury heads and two former Deputy SSCs - it missed some rather important details about two of them:

  • Graham Scott: As Treasury Secretary in the 80's and early 90's, was a major architect of both Rogernomics and Ruthanasia. User pays, privatisation, GST, tax cuts for the rich? All his dirty work. After leaving the Treasury, he worked for the New Zealand Business Roundtable; they published his textbook Public Management in New Zealand: Lessons and Challenges [PDF], and he did hackwork for them attacking the public health system [PDF]. But that should have been obvious from the words "former ACT candidate".
  • Murray Horn: Treasury secretary immediately after Scott, and responsible for everything else National did in the 90's. He then decamped to become chair of the Business Roundtable, before being appointed a director [PDF] of the Centre for "Independent" Studies, an uber-right NeoLiberal think tank whose primary purpose is to provide talking points for ACT.
So, the same people who ruined the country during the Revolution are back pulling the strings behind the scenes. This speaks volumes about National's plans for the country - and its honesty. Just to remind people, National campaigned and was elected on a platform of moderate centrism. But Scott and Horn are not moderate centrists - they are ideological footsoldiers for the Business Roundtable. I guess the leopard doesn't change its spots...