Thursday, August 05, 2010

A jobless recovery

The Household Labour Force Survey is out, and clearly shows National's utter failure to handle the recession, with unemployment rocketing again to 6.8%. Which is what happens if your response to the worst recession for 70 years is spin and bullshit rather than policy. Faced with that recession, National did nothing - and we are now paying the price for it.

There are now 43,000 more people out of work than there were when National took office. That's National's legacy: standing by slurping $185 a bottle pinot while 43,000 people were driven into poverty and misery. And its not good enough.

The people of New Zealand expect better than this. We expect a government which actually does protect people from the worst effects of the recession, rather than simply saying it will while partying with its rich mates. National's promises of growth and prosperity do not match the lived experience of most ordinary New Zealanders. And if they don't change this, it will be their downfall.