Sunday, August 22, 2010

Says it all

Interim Australian election results, from the AEC (seat numbers from here):

Party% VotesSeats% Seats
Australian Labor Party38.517147.3
The Greens11.4310.7
Liberal National Party of Queensland8.952114.0
The Nationals3.8674.7
CLP - The Territory Party0.3410.7
Seats in doubt042.7

While this is a preliminary result, with 4 seats still in doubt, it shows the fundamental unfairness of the Australian election system. The Greens, with 11.43% of the vote, got a single seat. Meanwhile, the Nationals, with 3.86% of the vote, got 7, while the Queensland LNP, with 8.95% of the vote, got 21. Describing this outcome as anything other than perverse, is, well, perverse.

An electoral system which distributes power in a way which bears no apparent relationship to the total vote cast is not just unfair and irrational, it is undemocratic. Australians deserve better than this - they deserve a properly democratic system. They deserve proportional representation.