Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The racists are back

In 2005, a clique of racists within the National Party ran a vicious racial hate campaign designed to whip up fears over the government's foreshore and seabed legislation. Since then, National has come to its senses, and reached a deal which might settle that issue. So naturally, the racists are back, this time targeting National:

The signs were designed by advertising executive John Ansell, who produced the hard-hitting billboards for National Party leader Don Brash in the 2005 election campaign. Where the target then was Labour and Helen Clark, this time Mr Key is given the treatment. He is in a Maori cloak and waving the tino rangatiratanga flag on the side of iwi, who the coalition suggests will be granted ownership rights, mining rights, development rights and veto rights that might impinge on Kiwis' rights to visit the beach.

Other proposed billboards would carry the same image of Mr Key with the alternative slogan "Speak now or forever lose your beach".

So, when the crown hands over foreshore and seabed to private interests for uses which entail the restriction of public access e.g. mining or the construction of a marina or private wharf, then that's fine and business as usual. Give a brown person a sniff of that, or the right to say "no" to such activities on their land, and its the end of the world. uh-huh. This isn't about protecting the right to visit the beaches - a right which is not practically under threat from this proposal anyway - but about racism, pure and simple.