Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A mood swing

Labour is talking up a "mood swing" among the public. Whether its real or not is a question for the polls over the next few months. But meanwhile, here's a definite mood swing from the Dim-Post:

Actually my mood has swung recently, from my four year long pessimistically pro-National sentiment to an ‘I still hold them in contempt and can’t believe I’m thinking of voting for them but whaddya gonna do?’ pro-Labour sentiment. You let me down, National. Really, what kind of unbelievable assholes stand around doing nothing while unemployment surges and wages stagnate and then decide that what the country needs is tax cuts for the rich and ‘radical welfare reform’? Fuck you.
And that's pretty much the perfect summary of National's economic record. They can bleat about how the recession wasn't their fault (and it wasn't), but they're still responsible for how they handled it. And by any honest assessment, that handling has been astoundingly bad - basically spin and bullshit, fiddling while the economy burned.

Market Darwinists may think this is acceptable, but the people of New Zealand (who do not share their vicious little religion) do not. When faced with a problem, we expect the government to do something to help, not sit on its arse or make it worse. Instead, National sipped taxpayer-funded pinot while we suffered. And that's just not good enough.