Friday, February 18, 2011

How unsurprising

It turns out that the government's first response to the news that it was buying itself flash new limos while telling the rest of us to tighten our belts - "we know no-think!" - was a lie:

However, answering on behalf of Mr Key in Parliament today, Gerry Brownlee admitted ministers had been informed following the department's decision.

"Ministers were not briefed ahead of the decision to replace the fleet, which was made by the Department of Internal Affairs in November 2010. Following the department's decision, it is my understanding that the Minister of Internal Affairs wrote to the Minister of Finance on 17 December about the retention of surpluses on the sale of VIP fleet vehicles," he said.

Labour MP Trevor Mallard said Mr Brownlee had also confirmed Mr Key was responsible for the budget used to buy the cars.

Which means the buck stops with him. And maybe if he'd kept a better eye on his portfolio, rather than just sticking it on his business card and treating it as a courtesy title, he wouldn't be looking like a hypocrite right now.