Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Key washes his hands of the "underclass"

Last week, Campbell Live did a followup piece on the people of McGehan Close, who John Key had used as a propaganda prop in 2007 to soften National's image. Their verdict?

But now Mrs Nathan says although she still likes Mr Key personally, as a politician he is an "arsehole" and has done little to help the poor.

"He's just making everything better for high earners and not the low-income ones," she told Campbell Live.

Key's response to this? His government has done as much as possible for the poor. But oddly, the polices he cites in defence of this - tax cuts for the rich, sub-inflation rises the the minimum wage, and a complete suspension of employment law for the first 90 days of employment - are all policies which benefit the rich, rather than the poor.

More importantly, its pretty obvious Key could have done more. For example:

The list goes on and on, and exposes a massive gap between promises and action. As much as possible? I don't think so.

But what Key is confessing here is that this is as much as he is willing to do. Having used the "underclass" as a propaganda prop in the 2008 election campaign, promised to make their lives better, he's not actually willing to do anything to help them after all. It's all just spin and bullshit again. I think Key has proved Mrs Nathan's point.