Friday, February 04, 2011

More corrupt cops

Back in 2006 police abuse of their databases was highlighted when a police officer related to one of the police rapists accessed data on his brother's victim. The police began random auditing, but it hasn't stopped the problem, and now we have another case: Senior Constable Terry Beatson, who used the National Intelligence Application to snoop on his partner's ex and provide information for her custody battle. Naturally, he's been allowed to keep his job, despite grossly abusing his power and engaging in behaviour which clearly violates s249 of the Crimes Act. And then there's this:

The [victim], who asked not to be named to protect his son, laid a complaint with the Waitemata police in August 2007. However, the matter was not investigated until January last year after he complained to the Privacy Commissioner and the Independent Police Conduct Authority.
Yes, once again the police covered for their mate and buried the complaint. It's a distressingly common story - and exactly the mindset which allowed Clint Rickards and his pack to get away with their crimes for so long.

This mindset has to change. And the way it changes is by sending a clear message that it is not acceptable - by disciplining and driving out those corrupt cops who think it is acceptable. These people are damaging the public trust and confidence the police depend on to do their jobs. In the process, they are undermining the law. And that is not something we or the police should accept.

But such a change would require leadership from police management - leadership which they have already shown they are unwilling to provide. Perhaps the new guy will do a better job. But I'm not getting my hopes up.