Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Key on Veitch

Last week, John Key made a play for the wife-beater vote by sitting down with Tony Veitch for a blokey conversation about who he'd like to fuck. Strangely, some people thought that this was a little dubious, given that Veitch had been convicted of throwing his girlfriend down the stairs, kicking the shit out of her, and breaking her back in four places (other charges, showing an ongoing pattern of abuse, were withdrawn as part of Veitch's celebrity plea-bargain). Key's response to those concerns?

"I engage with a lot of journalists, some of them have history and some of them don't, that's not my concern. My concern is to make sure I represent the views I want to represent on those shows."
Or, in English, "I don't give a shit". Key is quite happy to sit down with a convicted serial domestic abuser, and in the process tacitly endorse domestic violence, because said domestic abuser provides an unchallenging platform for his views (in this case, his lust for some famous people - something obviously of profound importance to the nation).

As I said, no moral centre. But then, that's what you get with bankers.