Monday, April 11, 2011

Goff fails on bigotry

Yesterday, the Labour Party released its party list. Today, one of its MPs is denouncing it as being dominated by "a gaggle of gays". Does Labour leader Phil Goff denounce this for the bigotry it is, and point out that those gay MPs have been given top spots because (unlike the complainer) they've worked hard and distinguished themselves? Of course not:

Leader Phil Goff said Mr O'Connor had been told off for the comments, but that the "West Coast language" was actually likely to help him in his bid for the electorate.
That's right - according to Goff blatant homophobia isn't really a problem, especially if it helps a redneck MP get redneck votes. Another example of his poor instincts, his consistent failure to do the right thing, his lack of virtù. Helen Clark would not have put up with this shit, and neither should Goff.

(As for O'Connor's complaint about there being too many unionists, he is aware that this is the labour party, right? Founded explicitly to be a political voice for the labour movement? Complaining about it being full of unionists is like complaining that National is full of farmers and businessmen...)

If you live on the West Coast, then I'd advise against giving O'Connor your electorate vote. The good news is that he's not on the Labour list, so then its just a question of whether you want to reward a party whose leader excuses bigotry and thinks all West Coasters are bigots like O'Connor.