Monday, April 18, 2011

What's wrong with Labour

Last night's disastrous 3 News / Reid Research poll has caused a lot of commentary across the blogosphere. Comrade Trotter of course attempts to blame Labour's woes on it not being racist, sexist, and homophobic enough - which I think tells us more about Trotter's prejudices than it does about Labour. But the most jaw-dropping interpretation has to go to John Pagani, who lays the blame not on Labour's failure to present a clear alternative to National's disastrous policies, but on it not supporting them strongly enough:

Every time Labour attacks policies and a government that voters generally approve of they alienate themselves further from potential supporters who are swinging between Labour and National.


Insisting the public is wrong is a recipe for even more disaster. Attacking constructive things the government is doing is exactly the wrong option.

If anything, Labour should be pursuing more of a consensus approach, so that it can own more of the right direction.

Until two weeks ago, Pagani was one of Goff's senior advisors. If this is the quality of advice he was giving - that Labour should just shut up, sit on its hands, and wait its turn like good little careerists - then Labour is well rid of him.