Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Key washes his hands

Inflation is now at 4.5%, and many families are struggling. John Key's response? Wash his hands of the problem:

Prime Minister John Key yesterday acknowledged New Zealanders were "feeling the pinch" as prices rose at their fastest rate in two years led by fuel costs, something he said the Government could do little about.
Bullshit. The bulk of this problem can be sheeted home to government policy. The GST rise, which despite National propaganda, was not "fully compensated". The cuts to ECE funding, meaning massive hikes in childcare costs. The labour market policies designed to prevent wage growth. The economic policies which are strangling growth and prolonging the recession. This is the government's fault. And it is something we expect them to fix. Government is there to protect people from things like this. Sadly, the only people this government is interested in protecting are its rich mates.