Sunday, April 10, 2011

Labour's list

The Labour Party released its party list today. Unlike last election, where they ranked new blood higher than some established MPs to renew their party (and so gained a significant influx of talent), this time they've focused squarely on incumbent protection, with only 3 new MPs in the almost guaranteed to get into Parliament top-30. Which means that if they want to bring new people in, they have to up their party vote.

As with last election, I've done a table showing the top candidates relative placements with last time. The big winners are those who have won a frontbench position in the past term - David Parker, Clayton Cosgrove, Charles Chauvel and Grant Robertson. The losers are Phil Twyford and Rajen Prasad, who get demoted even though retirements have opened up space for everyone to move up. I wonder what they did to offend Phil Goff...?

2011 RankName2008 RankDifference
1Phil Goff3+2
2Annette King4+2
3David Cunliffe8+5
4David Parker17+13
5Ruth Dyson13+8
6Parekura Horomia5-1
7Maryan Street9+2
8Clayton Cosgrove18+10
9Trevor Mallard14+5
10Sue Moroney22+12
11Charles Chauvel27+16
12Nanaia Mahuta10-2
13Jacinda Ardern20+7
14Grant Robertson46+32
15Andrew Little----
16Shane Jones160
17Su’a William Sio24+7
18Darien Fenton33+15
19Moana Mackey25+6
20Rajen Prasad12-8
21Raymond Huo210
22Carol Beaumont28+6
23Kelvin Davis29+6
24Carmel Sepuloni35+11
25Rick Barker34+9
26Deborah Mahuta-Coyle----
27Stuart Nash36+9
28Clare Curran45+17
29Brendon Burns49+20
30Chris Hipkins47+17
31David Shearer----
32Michael Wood56+24
33Phil Twyford26-7
34Stephanie (Steve) Chadwick30-4
35Kate Sutton63+27
36Jerome Mika----
37Iain Lees-Galloway48+11
38Josie Pagani----
39Lynette Stewart----
40Jordan Carter70+30
41Kris Faafoi----
42Christine Rose----
43Glenda Alexander----
44Susan Zhu----
45Rino Tirikatene----
46Sehai Orgad----
47Megan Woods----
48Mea’ole Keil----
49David Clark----
50Richard Hills----
51Anahila Suisuiki----
52Hamish McDouall60+8
53Louis Te Kani----
54Tat Loo----
55Soraya Peke-Mason----
56Julian Blanchard59+4
57Peter Foster----
58Pat Newman----
59Julia Haydon-Carr----
60Michael Bott----
61Vivienne Goldsmith67+6
62Nick Bakulich----
63Chris Yoo53-10
64Barry Monks----
65Hugh Kininmonth75+10
66Jo Kim----
67Paula Gillon----
68Carol Devoy-Heena76+8
69Ben Clark----
70Chao-Fu Wu----

Also notable for minor demotion are Parekura Horomia and Nanaia Mahuta. neither have really been performers this term (Horomia because of incompetence, Mahuta because she's taken time off for family reasons), but they are Labour's most high-profile Maori MPs, and their demotion sends a message about what the party cares about ATM. And the answer seems to be "not Maori".