Thursday, March 08, 2012

Climate change: They don't care

Last year in Durban, the governments of the world ruined my future (and yours) by putting off further action on climate change until 2020. Now, it looks like our government isn't even bothering to adhere to that weak deal. The Durban agreement called for governments to submit information on how to strengthen global targets to the United Nations by February 28th. But today in Question Time, the government was forced to admit that it had missed that deadline. Nick Smith went on to say that National had no intention of increasing our reduction target from the (pathetic) 10 - 20% (but only if we are allowed to cheat) already offered. Which makes it plain: National does not care about climate change. Their policy is to do nothing until nothing can be done, while using it as an excuse to transfer hundreds of millions of dollars in pollution subsidies to their donors and cronies. In the face of the greatest challenge facing human civilisation, I think we deserve a bit more than that.